Herbal Magic announces bankruptcy

Herbal Magic: Weight Loss Company Announces Bankruptcy, Closes Centers Across Canada
The company said Friday that 41 centers in Western Canada would stay open but under a secured lender. The rest of Herbal Magic's roughly 150 locations were expected to be closed by Friday.

Herbal Magic has long been a leader in Canada's weight loss market. However, it has become evident that our current business model is not viable in today's changing weight loss market and significant changes were required. To our affected clients and staff, we thank you for your support during this transition.

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Herbal Magic

What is Herbal Magic? 

Herbal Magic, a North American company, claims to be a company that will allow one to lose weight and keep it off for life by following their weight loss program.

Their guaranteed weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely. This means that you will lose weight at an average rate of two pounds per week.

Sounds easy, but does it work?

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